What a crazy city! Started off with a recommendation from a friend and there we have it. Within minutes I was booked up and on my way! No clue how to get there and pure lack of patience meant I was on 2 buses and a tram but I made it to #carpenoctemvitae As is … More BUDA FKN PEST! 

A Whale of a Time!

So we’ve just returned from ‘Rocking the Daisies’ music festival and are debating where to head next on our South African adventure. We met some great people at the festival who informed us of a new adventure we could go on… Hermanus! We had planned to go straight to Cape Town but instead got a … More A Whale of a Time!

Auroras Appearus

Another country, another town, and a place where a whole lot of my bucket list, that can be very specific, was ticked off! See the Northern Lights (Auroras Borealis) Ice Climbing Hike across a glacier Witness an active volcano Swim in the Blue Lagoon So, the trip to Iceland, all I can say is YOU … More Auroras Appearus

Ouch my Leg! 

Before I have spoken about a journey and how it can be the most interesting part depending what way you take it. Since then I have now found myself on a whole new journey. Over Christmas I broke both bones in my lower leg and it started a whole new experience. Firstly I got an … More Ouch my Leg!