Creating your 2017 Bucket List! South Africa? 

wp-1483962051911.jpgSo we are just over a week into January now and many may already have plans for what to do and where to go this year.

If you’re finding yourself at a loose end, my recommendation is to spend some time in South Africa! Here is a great place for you to tick a few things off of your bucket list!

Two summers ago, I spent 5 weeks in this glorious place. Covering so much, we went from safaris in the Kruger National Park to great white shark cage diving in Mossel Baai.

With scenic drives along the garden route and car rental relatively inexpensive you should definitely take a flight down, pick up a car and drive as far as you can for as long as you dare!

A hint from me would be to experience the Kruger first with a flight into Johannesburg initially, and then fly down to George or Port Elizabeth. From these two locations you can rent a car and drive right up to Cape Town.

From memory, here’s a list of a few things I ticked off my list in such a short space of time!

Visit a chimp sanctuary, walk with lions,

go on safari, skydive,

bungee jump, swim with seals, crocodile cage dive,

pet a cheetah, great white shark cage dive, canyoning, tubing, whale watching, sea kayaking,

ride an elephant. 

The list goes on and there was always a smile on my face and a helping hand close! Go visit!


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