Ouch my Leg! 

Before I have spoken about a journey and how it can be the most interesting part depending what way you take it.

Since then I have now found myself on a whole new journey. Over Christmas I broke both bones in my lower leg and it started a whole new experience.

Firstly I got an insight into the American medical system… Great surgeon! All I was doing was messing around in my friend’s ‘back yard’ and 10 minutes later I was on the way to hospital to undergo a 3 hour surgery with a titanium rod insertion. Merry Christmas!

This started to show how good some friends are! The friend I was visiting was far too kind, she would stay late until I fell asleep and be there the moment I woke up but after 6 days in and out of hospital I had to come home.

Boxing day found me getting a new cast ready for the flight home which then got me through all the lines in the airport and I even went behind the scenes!!

As much as this sounds fun though, a broken leg sucks! I can’t sleep, it’s driving me crazy being confined to a sofa and worst of all I hate now having to be so dependent on people around me for something as simple as getting a glass of water.

I guess all I’m trying to say is that if you know someone in that position or are in it yourself, keep your head up and stay positive. The help is appreciated beyond imagination and everything heals eventually.

Just make the journey to recovery count!


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