Everyone is going somewhere!

Many people on this earth like to plan their trips down to the smallest detail. Me on the other hand, I only finished packing five minutes before walking out the door.

I like to think I’m organised because hey,  all you really need is a passport and some money! Regardless of this though, unless you live next to an airport, you can never fully plan your journey!

Now a common phrase is that it’s not the destination but the journey there and I whole heartedly agree with this.. Most of the time! Right now I find myself sat on a coach blabbering to you, stopped the boredom though eh 😉.

So what do I do? Plan what to do on this trip? Nope! Always thinking about the next one! I do wish more people spoke in airports though and on public transport! Everyone is either going somewhere or they’ve been somewhere so there is a conversation starter! I met Mags today from Northern Ireland, travelling home for Christmas after her second visit to London! She seemed glad I said hello as everyone else waited for the bus with little excitement!

The journey really is the adventure when you make it one so go say hello to a stranger today! They may be more interesting than first thoughts!


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